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why we're different

“.... your mind holds more than it knows ...”

one brain, two minds

If you're looking for truly innovative and productive ways of working and living in these times of change and uncertainty, you've come to the right place, because the kind of coaching and training that IQ x2 offers its clients is all of these plus some: innovative, creative, productive and successfully different.


The difference derives from IQ x2's coaching model, which suggests that we have one brain but two minds - our straight-line thinking mind and our creative, intuitive mind - and that they're designed to work in conjunction with each other - a kind of whole-brained thinking.  It's this new way of thinking that IQ x2 shows you how to develop.  And the results can be frankly astonishing.




other 'mind modes'

Our usual mind set tends to be deliberate, logical and analytical. This is how we usually approach anything we need to think about.  And in some cases, it's absolutely the right mode to use. But it's not the only mode there is, and there are some challenges (such as those being posed by the changing world we're currently living in) that won't readily yield to this kind of thinking; that require different modes of thought, if we're to find answers and solutions that work effectively.


IQ x2 promotes awareness of and training in these different 'mind modes', some of which you probably don't know you have, such as unconscious problem-solving processes or creative intuitive abilities. And the benefit of becoming aware of and applying such abilities? In short, better results, less stress, and a greater sense of wellbeing.



an under-valued resource

IQ x2's particular focus is on developing the use of intuition in parallel with conscious thought processes. Typically, intuition has always been under-valued, chiefly because the way it works and what it has to offer hasn't been understood.  Logical thinking always wins the gold stars, with our intuitive process relegated to the corner, wearing the dunce's hat - or worse, to the end of the pier with Madame Arcati and her crystal ball.

We at IQ x2 think that's a real pity, because we know different. Intuition is a valuable resource that we neglect to our detriment.  And science is backing this up. Current research in cognitive neuroscience, psychology and consciousness studies is radically re-positioning intuition alongside analytical mind processes as a necessary tool for navigating an increasingly uncertain world. And it delivers.  It's an ability that we can profit from, both personally and professionally.


When understood and applied appropriately, intuition can have a positive multiplier effect when used together with rational thought processes. Typical pain points become productive. Solutions and insights emerge more richly and easily. Decision-making improves. Creativity and productivity are enhanced. And these functions can be achieved less stressfully, when we open the door to our intuitive mind. 

Here at IQ x2, we do this by:

  • SHARING the latest thinking and discoveries from the fields of cognitive neuroscience, psychology and consciousness research, through regular blogs and news articles

  • OFFERING TRAINING in new thinking process methods, on an individual basis and via workshops 

  • OFFERING COACHING to help you apply these new methods and achieve the results you aim for

  • PROVIDING books, tools and methods to support you

  • LINKING with other cutting-edge organisations and businesses

  • HOSTING thought-provoking events, seminars and conferences

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