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IQ x2 Development Workshops

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IQ x 2 offers a range of workshops and courses, some targeting specific issues, such as money attitudes, some focusing on greater self-awareness.  All are designed to help you develop a more 'whole-brained' thinking style.


The basis of all IQ x2's work is an approach known as Symbolic Imaging (SI). SI is a method whereby you can access different modes of mind - deeper parts of your consciousness - that are not typically available through conventional thought processes.  Used in conjunction with analytical process, SI can provide powerful insights and solutions, as well as open doors to a profound level of creativity. 

You'll find the full list of IQ x2 workshops and courses below.


Contact us for further details or to discuss a booking. Daily rate for workshops: £220. Part days pro rata.



The workshops in this programme are developmental; they're designed to grow your skills and abilities AND your self-awareness. They can be attended as one-offs, but if you want to gain a real understanding of SI and how to apply it, it's recommended that you start with the introductory module, In Two Minds, first.  If you wish to continue, you can then attend the other modules in the programme in any order.


Introductory module: In Two Minds

This module introduces the fundamentals of Symbolic Imaging, IQ x2's underpinning approach. A two-day workshop, it will equip you with the basics of the method, as well as give you an understanding of how it works and how to apply it. 

Getting Past Stuck:  Creative solutions to blocks and problems

This module shows you various methods for breaking through situations where you feel blocked: when encountering difficulties with making major decisions, for example, or hitting a creative block, or finding yourself unable to find a solution to a problem.

You'll learn how to understand what lies at the root of your sense of stuckness, and explore creative ways of achieving breakthrough that you can take away and apply in your daily life and work.  





The Committee of Selves

Each of us is more than just the ‘Self’ we think we are, as we’re made up of a numbers of different ‘Selves’, or sub-personalities.  You might already be familiar with some of them in your daily life, readily recognising the Rescuer 'you' or the Fixer 'you', your Saboteur Self or maybe even the Drama Queen 'you'.


But there will undoubtedly be others, unique to you, born of your own life experiences, operating behind the scenes as a kind of Inner Committee. The 'members' of this inner committee may be helping you in your daily life – or they may be getting in your way. A Damsel in Distress Self might be getting in the way of your career, for example, or a powerful Inner Critic might be stopping you making creative business choices.


It’s profoundly useful to get to know who’s sitting round your Inner Round Table, as these guys call the shots in more ways than we realise, since they are unconscious directors of our behaviour. For this reason, Mary Hykel Hunt devised her Committee of Selves model as a powerful way of uncovering and working with these different aspects over a decade ago and has been putting it to good use with clients ever since. In this unique workshop, she shows you how to discover who’s who on your own Committee of Selves, and how you can maximise the helpful aspects and deal with the less helpful.




Learning from the Future

Learning from the future isn't the fanciful notion it may at first appear, as there's good scientific evidence that suggests we do in fact access information from the future without realising it.  And it doesn't require a crystal ball or tea leaves - just a mind open to the possibility that this is something the human mind is capable of.


Based on Mary Hykel Hunt's book, Learning from the Future, this advanced module enables you to explore various futures - invaluable when you're having to make an important decision or choice. 




This short programme sets out to show you how you can make profitable use of your intuition in the workplace on a daily basis.


It does this by sharing some of the latest research in the field that reveals how our intuition works and how it can be deployed.  It then offers training in simple but effective techniques derived from this research - techniques that you can take away and apply the very next day.



Other IQ x2 Programmes

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

A different approach to time management

It goes without saying that how we organise ourselves can make a great difference to our levels of productivity. However, traditional time management approaches often don't seem to work, because they pay little or no attention to how we operate as individuals.


This module encourages you to explore different approaches to self-organisation, based on your individual mind/body/spirit profiles.    


Your Relationship with Money: is it getting in the way of Making a Living?

This intriguing workshop helps you uncover unconscious attitudes you may have around money - attitudes that may be preventing you from earning a proper living, or impacting on your bottom line. And once you've recovered from the surprise about what you've discovered, you'll have the chance to learn how you can transform your unhelpful beliefs about money into more positively-charged ideas. Learn and earn!

"I was startled to find out what some of my real beliefs around money were, but as I thought about it, it it all made sense. And it didn't stop there, because the techniques used also helped me to find and apply a remedy that worked!"

Awakening Creativity

"We live out of the attic of our minds"


Says Mary Hykel Hunt, "This is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite authors, Jean Houston (author of The Possible Human, amongst many other titles). For me, it speaks of how limited we are in our thinking and in what we believe we can do and achieve, when in fact, we're designed to be creative."

We're far more creative than we give ourselves credit for.  Creativity is not the exclusive domain of the artist or the writer.  We're being creative when we crack a joke or break out of a routine or habit, as well as when we come up with a solution to a problem or when we organise our lives to be more effective. We just need to broaden our understanding of what it is to be creative - and then enrich our lives by learning some exciting techniques for encouraging our own creativity.

The result? A richer, more contented life. What's not to reach for?!







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