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C4C: Courses for Coaches

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IQ x2 is more than happy to offer in-depth training in its processes to life and business coaches. 


All the courses listed below are designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of Symbolic Imaging (SI), the platform on which most IQ x2 processes are built, and to train you in the use of those processes.  You can then use the techniques with your own clients.

Please note: Whilst you can take any of these courses as one-offs, it's recommended that you undertake the Introductory Module: In Two Minds first.

These training courses are offered on a bespoke basis, tailored to your timings and requirements. They can be run at IQ x2's Devon base, or a mutually agreed venue. They can be run on a 1-2-1 basis, but, because of the nature of the work involved, the ideal would be a small group of between two to six people. 


You'll be provided with all printed course notes/materials and other course materials as required, although you'll need to acquire recommended  book titles yourself.


Contact us to discuss if you're interested in arranging training. 

Fees will vary, according to numbers and venue.



To reiterate what's been written elsewhere, Symbolic Imaging (SI) offers a means whereby you can access different modes of mind - deeper parts of your consciousness - that are not typically available through conventional thought processes.  Used in conjunction with analytical process, SI can provide powerful insights and solutions, as well as open doors to a profound level of creativity. 


The courses in this programme can be attended as one-offs, but if you want to gain a real understanding of SI and how to apply it with your clients, it's recommended that you start with the introductory module, In Two Minds, first.  If you wish to continue, you can then attend the other modules in the programme in any order.

Introductory module: In Two Minds

This foundation module introduces the fundamentals of Symbolic Imaging, IQ x2's underpinning approach. A two-day intensive, it will equip you with the basics of the method, as well as give you an understanding of how it works and how to apply it with clients. You'll also learn the correct approach to image interpretation - a must when working with clients' imagery.




What's Stopping me? Creative solutions to blocks and problems

On this module, you'll learn a variety of SI  techniques for helping clients understand and break through mental/emotional blocks, as well as methods for assisting them in gaining greater clarity when making difficult decisions and choices. 

Detailed notes of all the protocols involved will be provided, and there will be plenty of opportunity to practise them during the two days.





The Committee of Selves

Each of us is more than just the ‘Self’ we think we are, as we’re made up of a numbers of different ‘Selves’, or sub-personalities, as they're sometimes described.  You might already be familiar with some of them in your daily life, readily recognising the Rescuer 'you' or the Fixer 'you', your Saboteur Self or maybe even the Drama Queen 'you'.


But there will undoubtedly be others, unique to you, born of your own life experiences, operating behind the scenes as a kind of Inner Committee. The 'members of this inner committee may be helping you in your daily life – or they may be getting in your way. A Damsel in Distress Self might be getting in the way of your career, for example, or a powerful Inner Critic might be stopping you making creative business choices.


It’s profoundly useful to get to know who’s sitting round your Inner Round Table, as these guys call the shots in more ways than we realise, since they are unconscious directors of our behaviour. For this reason, Mary Hykel Hunt devised her Committee of Selves model as a powerful way of uncovering and working with these different aspects over a decade ago and she has been putting it to good use with clients ever since. In this unique workshop, she shows you how to discover who’s who on your own Committee of Selves, and how you can maximise the helpful aspects and deal with the less helpful.


The Committee of Selves training course for coaches comprises three 2-day sessions, during which the Committee of Selves model will be introduced and the basic techniques and protocols explained. The bulk of the course will be spent on practical application of the protocols, allowing students to gain grounded experience of the process for themselves whilstat the same time being mentored by its creator.



Learning from the Future

Learning from the future isn't the fanciful notion it may at first appear, as there's good scientific evidence that suggests we do in fact access information from the future without realising it.  And it doesn't require a crystal ball or tea leaves - just a mind open to the possibility that this is something the human mind is capable of.


Based on Mary Hykel Hunt's book, Learning from the Future, this advanced module enables you to explore various futures - invaluable when you're having to make an important decision or choice. 

This 2-day advanced module offers detailed training in the Learning from the Future protocol, including reference to the research that lies behind it. 

Fascinating in its own right, this technique has proved itself many times over.  






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