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C4C:Coaching for Coaches

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IQ x2 specialises in coaching coaches in whole-brained thinking approaches, for their personal use and for use with clients.

These 1-2-1 sessions will be designed around you, with the aim of helping you learn how to use both your logic and your intuition effectively, melding them so that you can bring them to bear on issues that are currently presenting in your own life, work and business, as well as with clients. 


These sessions draw on cutting-edge research and ideas from the fields of cognitive neuroscience, consciousness studies and the outer reaches of psychology and are designed to help you uncover and start using capacities you've either been under-using or have been unaware of hitherto. 

C4C Coaching also draws heavily on IQ x2's C4C Training Modules. To gain maximum benefit from your coaching sessions, we recommend you take as a minimum the Introductory Module: In Two Minds, which offers IQ x2's signature training in Symbolic Imaging.


Coaching sessions can be booked as one-off sessions, focusing on a specific issue, or as blocks of sessions (usually six, each lasting an hour).


Sessions can be face to face, by phone or Skype. C4C coaching fee £120 per hour.

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