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Mary Hykel Hunt
Founder Director
MSc Psych Research Methods
Cert Performance Coach

Email: | Phone: 01404 549197

Mary Hykel Hunt is a Personal and Professional Development Consultant with a difference.

An academic researcher in the fields of psychology and human consciousness, a professionally qualified business coach and a life-long intuitive, she combines cutting-edge psychological approaches with intuitive techniques to produce personal and professional development programmes and consultation/coaching sessions that are unique, effective and productive.

She is also an author, columnist and broadcaster. Her first book, Learning from the Future, was published by O Books in 2011.

"I embody an interface between intellect and intuition," she says. "I know how they can co-operate, and how much it enhances the way I work and live. And I've spent the last three decades showing others how this invisible asset called intuition can work for them, too"

IQ x2 people

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